January 13, 2015

Virus Removal

mans-frustrated-with-laptopFrustrated with slow computer performance?

Irritated by pop-ups or random websites loading?

Are there suspicious “Anti-Virus” or “Registry Cleaner” programs loading at startup?

Have you received a call from an unknown number claiming to be microsoft support?

Have your files been encrypted in exchange for a ransom?

If so, chances are you’ve contracted a computer virus…A virus cannot not only be annoying; it can inhibit your productivity, spread itself to your email contacts, exploit security vulnerabilities into your computer to hackers, and even potentially steal your personal information. The good news is that we can get your computer cleaned up right, using our industry-leading  anti-virus software, help prevent future problems.

Our systematic approach to virus removal ensures that your computer will be running at optimal performance upon completion.

  1. If available, restore your  computer back to a healthy state prior to when the malware attacked the system.
  2. Remove any remnants of malicious or “Potentially Unwanted Programs” from the system.
  3. Verify that all system files have been successfully restored to their desired state.
  4. Clean up any remaining temporary files and backups that may still have traces of the virus on the machine.
  5. Verify there are no unwanted startup items running on the machine.
  6. Update common OS and 3rd party software that is vulnerable to attacks.
  7. Perform a system tune-up
  8. Install our industry-leading anti-virus software to keep your computer protected down the road.

Call us today and we’ll get your PC back on track!  

Managed Anti-Virus protection

If you would like your system protected with the industry-leading Internet security technology, please take a look at our Protection Plans here.

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